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Southeast Manufacturing Operational Excellence

Manufacturing System Evolution

  We are advocates for tools to bring all parts of the manufacturing team together with real-time Key Performance Indicators and collaboration tools focused on business needs. We believe that real-time Key Performance metrics drive behavior of better decisions faster, spending less time on reporting, and safely and effectively increase manufacturing margins with existing assets while being good stewards of all resources.


  • Acquire - Get information from existing sources

    • Read from existing sources - DCS, Controls, Scheduling, ERP, MRP, Process Historians, Asset Management, CMMS, databases, Energy Meters, Sensors, manual data input, spreadsheets, and web data

    • Store data in process historian or database as needed

  • Analyze - Perform immediate analysis
    • Calculate Key Performance Indicators and Targets,  - OEE, Takt, Cycle Time, TEEP, Downtime, SPC, SMED, Batch Records, Energy, Business Alarms and Alerts, Trends

    • Reports: Performance, Quality, Material Management, Energy, Electronic Batch Records

  • Present - Show intelligence where it can be used
    • Electronic Signage Hardware and Software: Plant floor, Outdoor, Conference Room, Office

    • Web-based real-time Dashboards with trends, graphic objects, and tabular data

    • Web and Excel Reports

    • Human-Machine Interface - real-time graphical control, indications, alarms, trending

    • Alerts through Smart Phone, SMS Text, Email, Windows Gadgets



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