About Sylution Incorporated

Sylution Incorporated is a thought leader and advocate for innovative, high value, and easily implemented solutions for manufacturing operational management. Our roots are in control and process information systems so we understand interoperability, agility, and solid, industrial solutions. Our philosophy is System Evolution - meaning that interoperability is not built from top-down, nor bottom-up. The best solutions are built in layers of interoperability where the most important layer is the one that provides the best business value.


Sylution is focused on operational excellence tools and consulting to increase manufacturing effectiveness and margins by giving teams the tools to see their performance against goals.



Our mission is to help our client sustainably lower the cost of manufacturing with existing assets in response to business needs. This means helping our clients increase good throughput with the same assets when the market is strong; to lower the changeover and non-productive time when business demands a high product mix; to keep cost per unit low when product demand is contracting; and to lower the consumption of energy per unit output at all times.


"Sylution is focused on operations management tools for sustainable operational excellence. We support clients during their process of discovery, justification, risk abatement, purchase, training and utilization of systems to help them meet their highest goals at the lowest cost."