Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), TEEP, and TPM


You are manufacturing a product competing with hundreds of other facilities all over the world. You have to make products that meet specifications without waste and at the lowest possible cost in order to stay in business.


OEE is a metric that is the combination of other metrics Performance x Availability x Quality. The object of the metric is to benchmark and improve the line performance.


A good OEE and downtime tracking system will help you accomplish many of your goals:

  • Increased throughput with the same assets.

  • Lower cost per unit with the same assets.

  • Increased equipment reliability.

  • Increased productivity of personnel.

  • Automated production reporting including Electronic Batch Records

  • Increased production yields using real-time OEE and SPC

  • NON-GMP solution for production reporting for Pharmaceuticals.

  • Manufacturing event notification and problem escalation.

  • Energy Management

  • Environmental Tracking and notification