The books and materials listed on this page are recommended by the Sylution Incorporated team, our partners and our clients as good additions to the library of operational Excellence professionals.

Free Loan of Books.

If we have the book in our library we will be happy to loan it to you. If we have more than one then we will be happy to give you a copy.

The Theory of Constraints:

The Goal and the It's Not Luck are written in novel form to make it easier to understand the Theory of Constraints. These books are necessary reading. I know Lean Six Sigma professionals (Geoff Mueller our VP of Services) that have read them many times. They are both part of our Sylution Library. We will gladly loan them to you. 


Broad Topic Reference Books:


The Instrument Engineer's Handbook is a three volume, comprehensive, technical guide. These books are great reference material for any engineer. I wrote four sections in these books. I still reference these books - they contain great information.




This is a must read for everyone in manufacturing.