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Manufacturing Sustainability

Increasing manufacturing Profitability by outstanding utilization of resources.



As you know, energy management – and all that encompasses such as electrical, steam, fuel, compressed air, water use and effluent are no longer just areas of huge potential savings for manufacturing – they are indicators of the activity being sustainable to the environment. Sustainability – the capacity to endure with a low affect on the environment – means both producing at a low cost and being a good corporate steward of resources.

Sylution is helping facilities/companies meet their energy management and sustainability goals. We have three levels of systems that can be applied to existing systems to provide the intelligence, feedback and awareness to lower the cost of energy in manufacturing.

1.      We can provide a web-based dashboard with trending of energy use, dials, gauges, email alerts, and information about what electrical, steam rates, fuel use, air use, water and effluent systems. We can get this information in the hands of those that can use it and act upon it. This is a low cost option that can be a very nice stand alone environmental reporting package.


2.      A higher level of addressing sustainability is to use TrakSYS™. TrakSYS™ is a performance management system that looks at production performance, batch phases, operating rates, products, and equipment lines to produce manufacturing key performance indicators for process performance. We integrate energy use into the same system as production performance  to show use of energy and rates of effluent as it correlates to performance, products, and equipment. TrakSYS™ can provide alerting and even dynamic work instruction to operators or managers of to perform tasks like looking for air leaks, lowering the header pressure when equipment is down, etc. This is not a separate system bolted to TrakSYS™ from the vendor with extra high costs. Energy use – like labor tracking - is an integral part of this software system to provide web-based dashboards and reporting.

3.      Finally, Sylution recognizes that many manufacturing companies have their hands full trying to make a top quality product and meet the customer orders. Sustainability projects save money and are environmentally good – but the client just doesn’t do that as well as their core business. Therefore, Sylution offers a Sustainability solution that is remotely hosted with energy experts working with our client to lower the cost of energy on a subscription basis. Sylution works with the client to install meters and connect them to the Green Box. The green box transmits the energy information to the system every minute. At the hosting location dashboards, graphs and reports are produced and put online. The client only needs a web browser to see dozens of reports and dashboards freeing up their IT staff. The system can be set up by the user to produce email alerts and notifications. But further – the subscription pays for an energy consultant to be assigned to the plant as part of their team. The consultant will talk with the plant assigned contact often and will analyze the plant data comparing it to dozens of other typical plants. The consultant will enter potential projects with estimated costs and savings into the system for plant to make positive changes, look for energy rebates, government incentives and help avoid use of energy during peak rates. The client will get a monthly executive report of energy use, suggested projects, savings from completed projects, and more. There is no better way to ensure that your facility is meeting sustainability goals and continuously lowering the cost of manufacturing. 


Energy management is good business.

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