Do you need a LEAN Manufacturing solution to improve manufacturing performance by reducing inventory, improving flow, and reducing cycle times?

  • Easy Upgrade for manual Kanban Users
  • Frees up millions of dollars in working capital
  • Allows you to "Dial in" desired inventory levels
  • Demand driven pull replaces inaccurate forecast
  • Ensures inventory dollars are invested well
  • Sustains initial benefits
  • Scales easily across plants

Sylution can help answer these questions by presenting an great tool called Pull Management Platform by Invistics that helps clients implement LEAN in any industry event with a high mix of products.

PMP Pull Table
  • Defines flow
  • Defines Pull policy
  • Electronic inbox of pending orders awaiting authorization and release
  • Reporting to track performance
  • Hosted systems available.

Pull Management Platform (PMP) provides an economical software platform to deploy and sustain demand driven pull manufacturing applications on the factory floor

  • Supports classic Kanban, CONWIP, Drum-Buffer-Rope, and customized PULL methods.
  • Automates data collection, system state update, tracking of system performance and distribution of team members.
  • Provides easy to use interfaces via web browser.
  • Available for lease as a hosted solution (SaaS)
  • Interfaces with existing IT systems: JD Edwards, LIMS, Documentum, SAP and others…

measurable, sustainable results
System confirms value

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