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Adaptive Displays:

Light up your performance...


Sylution can supply you with the LED and LCD displays to present information to your associates on the plant-floor, the lunch room, lobby, or conference rooms.

LED Displays are industrial tools for visualization of information on the plant floor.

Connect directly to PLCs and databases or show anything using a built-in web browser.

AlphaVision PC LED display

Automotive ANDON Boards :: AlphaVision PC LED display


In addition to the excellent LED Displays we help our clients get the right industrial operator tools, LCD displays and large screen computers.


High Lights

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Plant Audit

Let Sylution perform a study using LEANTrak(TM). This is Parsec Automations' portable TrakSYS(TM) solution. See what's really happening on your line.


TrakSYSTM Demo

Join us for a demonstration of TrakSYS(TM) software - every Monday at 1:00 PM.

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TrakSYSTM Movie

See the TrakSYSTM Impact movie here.